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Profile Evaluation with Detailed Feedback

The purpose of a profile evaluation is that an expert provides you with feedback about whether you meet the standards requirements for admission to higher education admission programmes in your desired field of study.

Next Steps with a Realistic Time-Line

To estimate a realistic project timeline, ask our team members how much time they will need to complete each task.

Career Planning & Guidance

Career planning is designed to help you find and succeed in a career that you love and that meets your needs. Some students enter the major in the career exploration stage, where they need to learn about different careers and figure out which one they will pursue.

Academic options and pre-requisites

AO is a practice of Independent Consultants specializing in therapeutic and educational . Founded in 2006, AO has assisted thousands of families from all over the world Our goal is to help every child, adolescent, and young adult succeed in life.

Advice on Up-skilling and Certifications

Also be prepared to work on your hard skills throughout your career. Industries change, jobs change, and those changes can happen quickly. Even if you have a degree, don’t expect your college education to fully train you on the skills required to build a great career.

Expert Tips for Just in Time Applicants

Ensuring that your orders are consistently fulfilled on time to meet customer expectations must be a top priority. To do this effectively, however, you need a solution that keeps all of your inventory.

Evaluation of Multiple Courses or Opportunities

this report describes recent research on ways to rethink and restructure teaching and learning, coupled with new approaches to evaluation and professional development for faculty.

Real Time Knowledge Sharing for Study Options

Knowledge Sharing that allow your team to … allows you to curate your content, share it, and get real-time discussions going. … with the knowledge and building smarter, more collaborative learning.

Expert Advice

Career Counselling

Want to get ahead of your peers? Use our online career counselling services to help you move up the career ladder. 

  • Professional Advice Based On Past Success Records

  • Creative Solutions for Career Enhancement

  • Strength and Weakness Identification

  • Strategy Formulation and Profile Building

  • Step-By-Step Plan for Future Course of Action

  • Profile Evaluation with Detailed Feedback

  • Career Planning and Guidance

  • Resume Building Recommendations

  • Expert Tips for Just in Time Applicants

  • Evaluation of Multiple Career Opportunities

  • Critical Analysis to Create a Distinct Identity From Your Peer Group

  • Creative Conceptualization to Leverage Your Resources and Goals.

  • Advice On Upskilling and Certifications

  • Guidance On Extra-Curricular Activities for Profile Development

  • Profile Evaluation with Detailed Feedback

Careers are increasingly becoming competitive. Prepare yourself by developing the right kind of skills that will set you apart in the job market. Our online career counselling services can help you evaluate, strategize, and formulate the right steps to get the right career path. Chart your career road-map today!

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