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Applying to college can be a major time commitment, but these tips, guides, and expert advice will help keep you on track throughout the entire college search process.

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Our team is made up of a range of experts who can help and give you advice when you need it.
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Prerna Academy experts will evaluate your profile, background and help align your interests and goals with the right fit of colleges.

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Counselling Procedures!

Don’t know how to target top University in India ? Use our study in India Education counselling services.
  • All the counselors are very well qualified. They all have gone through the application process themselves, which makes them even more suited for providing guidance.
  • Your personalized one-hour counseling session will be conducted on call, mail or Skype. You can use the hour to discuss any of the mentioned here.

  • Prerna Academy experts will evaluate your profile, background and help align your interests and goals with the right fit of colleges.

  • Prerna Academy provides counselling, consultation, coordination and advocacy services to all students, parents and the college community. Our Counsellor works in preventive, curative and developmental mode how to view followers on facebook page. If there is a need, the Counsellor meets and extends the support of parents and 

  • Profile Evaluation with Detailed Feedback

    Profile evaluation is that an expert provides you with feedback about whether you meet the standards requirements for admission to higher education admission programs.
  • Career Planning & Guidance

    Career planning is designed to help you find and succeed in a career that you love and that meets your needs.
  • Advice on Up-skilling and Certifications

    To work on your hard skills throughout your career. Industries change, jobs change, and those changes can happen quickly.
  • Academic Options and Pre-requisites

    AO is a practice of Independent Consultants specializing in therapeutic and educational. Founded in 2006, AO has assisted thousands of families from all over the world.
  • Next Steps with a Realistic Time-Line

    To estimate a realistic project timeline, ask our team members how much time they will need to complete each task.
  • Expert Tips for Just in Time Applicants

    Customer expectations must be a top priority. To do this effectively, however, you need a solution that keeps all of your inventory.

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Post Graduate

Based on the eligibility criteria we offer a range of long distance courses of MSc, MCA, M.Com and MBA.

Under Graduate

Our institute specializes in providing a range of programs that include BBA, BCA, BA as well as B.Com


We offer wide range of diploma programs for IT, French Language, Forex Management & Business Management.


We offer ways to enhance your resume via certifications like Advertising, Big Data Analytic and more.
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After the school gets over, one has to deal with a lot of pressure in mind, concerning higher studies, entrance exams and lastly deciding of college, to get joined for further studies. Many students buy essays at to get a good grade in college. The challenging part of this ordeal is to decide which college to get in, as a lot of parameters come into play while being choosy about colleges. Because if you are a scholar, then you will end up studying in National institutions but if you’re an average guy without a descent rank, then buddy you need to get into state funding institutes or private institutions ( which obviously aren’t bad as people think of!). Now, this is what a normal scenario of Engineering and Medical students looks like after they complete their 12th in science stream. Also, few candidates decide to change their stream to some other disciplines so that they can carry it further and prove to be productive in those disciplines apart from science, such as arts, commerce, etc.
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About Us

Prerna Academy is a counseling and information centre for our partner universities/institutes. We provide counseling assistance to pupils; helping them to get into desired universities and enter required programs. We clarify here that we neither are a study centre of any universities/institutes nor we take admission for our organization. According to UGC a private university or a deemed university can’t have a study centre or franchisee. Even for distance learning courses, it can be operated only from headquarter of the universities/institutes. So ‘Prerna Academy’ can’t be a study centre of any universities/institutes. We just provide counseling services to the students, supporting them in choosing the best online accredited course from a renowned university. Prerna Academy doesn’t have any role in admission, providing education, providing study material, examination, result, providing marks card, certificate etc. This will be sole responsibility of the universities/institutes. Prerna academy with its impart quality of education programme which has been designed with its various group of education from secondary to post graduate programmes in different fields and skills for those learners who are anable to attend their continued programmes.
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